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There is hope – Es gibt Hoffnung

       English       Deutsch The soul of many people suffers. Our ancestors were physically emaciated and overburdened. Today men suffer mental. This is due to constant change, a flood of information, isolation behind the screens, living in constant noise in a concrete desert… we are out of balance. we are bored and overwhelmed as well. Our Soul cries. She wants to get out


Hoffnung finden – find hope

       English        Deutsch I was asked why are you doing this? Why do you blog? You could use your time more sensibly. For example, make more money, chill, shop… do something good to yourself. I’m doing it. Who says that’s not good? It’s phantastic. It’s not exhausting, I chill somehow. For me, it makes sense. There were times in


Mission freedom – The A 21 campaign

English Deutsch Our law says men and women are alike. But they are not. Human trafficking and forced prostitution have unfortunately become sociable. It is socially acceptable that executives visit appropriate establishments during the lunch breaks or after work to relax. It is common for men to exercise their power in the brothels. Hardcore. And they are proud of it.