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Hilfe finden

Es gibt 1001 Probleme und genauso oft kann man die Hoffnung verlieren. Es gibt 1001 Lösungen. Es gibt jemanden, der alle Macht der Welt auf sich vereint. Du hast ihn weggesperrt, wie wär’s, wenn Du ihn herauslässt? Erst dann hat Jesus die Möglichkeit Deine Situation zu wenden. Du musst nicht auf alles eine Antwort haben. Du musst nicht alles alleine


Welche Hoffnung kann es hier noch geben?

   English       Deutsch What hope can there be? Lonley. Excluded. – Hope? Once in a while my husband and I are visiting an older man. We used to live in the same house. He got a stroke, his wife divorced and moved with a younger man. The older, then still younger gentleman, paid her out so she could pay off


We set our hope – Wir hoffen auf dich

       English        Deutsch The Lord is my light and salvation, whom shall I fear? Whom shall I be afraid? I will trust in him. Great Song! upward nach oben Der Herr ist mein Licht und meine Rettung, vor wem sollte ich mich fürchten? Ich will ihm vertrauen. Großartiger Song!

There is hope – Es gibt Hoffnung

       English       Deutsch The soul of many people suffers. Our ancestors were physically emaciated and overburdened. Today men suffer mental. This is due to constant change, a flood of information, isolation behind the screens, living in constant noise in a concrete desert… we are out of balance. we are bored and overwhelmed as well. Our Soul cries. She wants to get out


Hoffnung finden – find hope

       English        Deutsch I was asked why are you doing this? Why do you blog? You could use your time more sensibly. For example, make more money, chill, shop… do something good to yourself. I’m doing it. Who says that’s not good? It’s phantastic. It’s not exhausting, I chill somehow. For me, it makes sense. There were times in


What happened on Easter Sunday – Was geschah zu Ostern

       English        Deutsch   What happend on Easter Sunday? – God laid the foundation for our hope. Jesus died, but God revived him by the power of his Holy Spirit. When we invite the Holy Spirit to live in our hearts God’s Spirit will also bring us to life, just as Christ, the moment we make the last


Sandy Tales ‚Easter‘ – Ostern in Sand gemalt

       English        Deutsch This video is simply awesome! I have not seen such a great thing yet. The Easter-Story painted with sand – by Sandy Tales on youtube   upward Dieses Video ist einfach genial! Ich habe so etwas großartiges noch nicht gesehen. Die Ostergeschichte mit Sand gemalt – von Sandy Tales auf youtube   nach oben

Sturmfeuerzeug – Storm lighter

    English        Deutsch Someone pulls from his pocket a storm lighter and lights up the dark with a light which can withstand strong winds and does not go out. In God’s hand Jesus is such a lighter.  Jesus is the light of the world. He has the ability to light a fire in the greatest darkness, a light  that no one


Ziemlich bester Schurke – Pretty best rogue

English Deutsch Josef  Mueller He has lost everything just to gain everything. He was vastly rich and then destitute to discover the true wealth. Or – how a gangster became wise. Josef Müller threw money out of the window, although he had been paralyzed since he was 17 years old. By profession tax and investment Consultant, he washed money from the


Hope for all – Hoffnung für Alle

English Deutsch Hopeful life I’m always fascinated. God, the God of hope, the inventor of hope, so to speak, left his thoughts for us in a book. Title „Hope for All“. I’m convinced it’s the Guidance for a hopeful life. Some quotes: To all who are totally under pressure, because there’s so much required: Come to me! I will make