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Was wenn… – What if…

     English          Deutsch What if… Recently I saw billboards with the following slogan: Nonsense! New Start, it would be nice. Well, it works. So, when I once again – could push – Stop – Rewind – then … … I would do something totally unpopular, but existential.  As a child or teen I would take God seriously and let


Hope4 – Darum geht’s! – 4

     English          Deutsch  … extremely heavy. „ „Dad, I see how much you love men and women and I see how people are suffering. I know it will be brutally difficult and painful, it will cost me my life, but I will do it „. The truth is: He did it. – Christmas – Easter – Ascension – Pentecost


Hindernisse überspringen

     English          Deutsch Skip obstacles ‚I can not.‘ – ‚As? You can not?‘ Discuss with God what you constricts and holds. The result is phenomenal. Every time I have done, he painted a word and everything changed. And he does well for you, then know you: ‚I can.‘ No matter what is in front of you, you can do